Monoreto – A New Generation Social Media

The trend of multiple way communication from social media applications has spawned a new culture, namely 'mediamorphosis'. New media is a big puzzle right now. People and companies wonder what is this? Is there anything people want from the media that our now highly saturated media can’t fulfill? How it will be? Can 'new' media be built? How long does it take? It’s an endless boring question.

According to Roger Fidler, the new media conundrum today is the Internet. The Internet is expensive to access, it’s primitive artistically, very slowly (though it has done a lot of bandwidth upgrades), and it's filled with 'junk'. But it's fun. The Internet gives voice to those who do not have radio and television, or print. The Internet straddles the border and all interests, including the biggest money-making machine today. Not much is done by individuals to breakthrough new discoveries, except those with full access to the internet, and above-average intelligence. One of them in the latest world of blockchain technology, present an application that brings you seemed to create the money machine from the most hype digital activity in the world, Social Media.

Applications running on the blockchain technology chain are Monoreto. As I've read in this app really offers great fun. Today, who would not be happy to post on social media platforms, then any viewer who gives Likes, will bring financial benefits? Of course anyone will be interested. Because of the tendency to show off activities and dredge this advantage, then the developers of Monoreto are also very enthusiastic in developing their applications. Especially if the user reaches hundreds of thousands and even millions of people. It is not easy, at least needed the financial strength and support of a great team, to be able to popularize this application.

Social network users can be sorted into three categories:
  • Professional bloggers, opinion makers, photographers (when creation of content is a source of professional income)
  • Regular users who post quality content but don’t have the opportunity to monetize it
  • Regular users who do not create quality content (or any content at all) but make use of someone else’s product (photographs, posts, comments). Only a small percentage of users, those included in the first category, are able to monetize their publications by cooperating with brands and companies that promote their services.

A significant number of social network users that create high quality and popular content don’t have the opportunity to make money from it (the second category). What happens is that the content earns money for the companies that own the social networks as opposed to the creators themselves. This is how Facebook’s market value has reached $350 billion to date and continues to grow first and foremost because of user content.

You will also benefit greatly if you are involved from the beginning of this platform launch. Given the pre-ICO period that will soon take place, I strongly suggest you to get involved from the beginning. You just need to buy some Monoreto tokens called MNR. If you purchased this MNR token now, you could potentially earn an additional 50% of the token you bought. This token runs on the base ERC20 Standard, which automatically uses blockade technology from Ethereum. But if you have other crypto money, such as: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Fiat currency of course. Do not miss this best chance!

The great team support Kyrill Granev has as well as the CEO can not be underestimated. Although the company is registered in Singapore, but their office is located in Moscow, Russia. The country that will soon be organizing the world's biggest event, the World Cup.

Road Map

Take a good look at their road map. You will understand how seriously this company is developing an app that will be booming, no need to wait for the future, maybe tomorrow this app already looks its original shape, and will make you stunned.

Token Distribution

Token Details
Token Name                      : MNR
Ticker                                 : MNR
Total Supply                       : No more than the Hard Cap
Pre-ICO End Date              : 10 June 2018
ICO End Date                     : 30 September 2018
ICO Price                            : 1MNR = $0.0250
Currencies Accepted          : BTC, ETH, Fiat, Others
Min. Purchase                     : 1 ETH
Max. Limit                           : -
Bonus                                 : Yes
ICO Softcap                        : $1 K
ICO Hardcap                      : $15 M
Platform                              : ERC20 Standard
Country                               : Singapore, Russia
Whitelist/KYC                      : None

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