ThinkCoin is a Revolutionized Trading Platform

"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them"
- Albert Einstein -
The above phrase fits perfectly with technological developments and other life-elves that are no longer relevant to apply. Many of us to this day still think in general, that what we are doing is a continuation of the journey of the story yesterday. Not surprisingly, the problems we face from yesterday are just plain problems, and keep repeating without any solution to them. Isn't what the world is facing right now?
The global trading sector also faces the same threat. Various regulations are created and implemented as the problems develop. Surprisingly, the situation does not provide a clear point on how accurately these solutions can overcome the circumstances that occur. In the world of foreign exchange trading, today experiencing turmoil due to the emergence of several platforms that allow it to operate independently. That is, no longer required the intervention in a third party or brokers who had been often complained of by investors or traders who are active in this world of trading industries.
Blockchain technology once again shows the awesomeness and sharpness of its vision . With it , we seem to be able to reach many things without a barrier and the end of this technology development journey is still unknown what it will be like . But I believe , there is no slightest doubt about the application of this technology in society . In the world of trading , there is one platform that we can trust to be a gate of freedom of transactions , and that is ThinkCoin . As I've learned at www.thinkcoin. . Io , this platform is one of the fruits of computer programmers , computer experts , legal experts , investment experts , and a host of other specific skills that greatly affected of our future.
As a trader, we are always faced with the classic problem:

  • EXCESSIVE CHARGES, with so many intermediaries involved, global trading creates credit and financial risk.
  • UNJUST INFLUENCE, traditional broker models can have undue influence on both price-making and trade execution.
  • OUTDATED TECHNOLOGY, global trading is stuck in models that are decades old, resulting in lack of flexibility.
  • TRADERS FUNDS ARE AT RISK, transferring funds to the broker's account adds an unnecessary element of risk.
From a number of issues that I've mentioned above, this is clearly a major obstacle to the continuity and progress of the trading world in general. And personally, if we were individual traders, we seemed to be facing an endless labyrinth. But now, we should thank ThinkCoin, because the all anxiety is gradually lost along with technological advances and intelligence that compete with each other to be the best.
At a glance, this is a picture of the ThinkCoin solution presented to us, if we use this platform for our daily trading tools. Whether as a person, or as a corporation. ThinkCoin offers:

  • REDUCED FEES WITH BLOCKCHAIN ​​TECHNOLOGY. TradeConnect connects traders to a global digital trading pit, where the traders receive rewards in return for adding liquidity in the system. 
  • CUTTING EDGE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, The innovative technology in TradeConnect will lead to a network with a level of flexibility the markets have never seen before. Digital Personas and unique cutting edge AI are just the beginning. 
  • DIRECT TRADING WITHOUT INTERMEDIARIES. TradeConnect will allow individuals and institutions to trade directly with one another, taking out intermediares and creating a balanced playing field where players are large and small trade as equals. 
  • FULL TRANSPARENCY ON BLOCKCHAIN. Thanks to the Blockchain participants will have full access and control over their funds and assets. Every contract is verifiable on the network and automatically settles.
Why Buy ThinkCoin?

As we can see above, some top ICO rating websites give ThinkCoin good marks. Those points are derived from several reviews by the experts on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, economics and etc. Thus, you can use it as a consideration before buying token or joining an ICO.

Now is the best time to join a company that has the reputation of this privileged platform. Many mass media that concentrate on trading industries provide outstanding reviews. Because it is still in the Pre-ICO period that is left in the next two days, I strongly recommend that you immediately provide investment support in the form of token purchases they sell. Details about this TCO token I reviewed at the end of this paper. Have a nice join and enjoy your trading!


Nauman Anees who is the CEO of the ThinkCoin platform is well aware, without great manpower support, credible, expert, trustworthy, and all other fascinating predicates, it will be hard to bring this artificial intelligence technology in your face. In fact, he's very confident, that the future looks brighter and fun when we trade using a platform that is truly decentralized and autonomous. Nauman hope, later this technology is in every device our daily work and make it easier for anyone to get acquainted with the world of currency trading, so that all can immediately enjoy the real economic freedom. Respect!

Road Map

You can see for yourself with the details presented through some pictures below. If it's still incomplete, I suggest you to visit ThinkCoin website soon, to make it clearer and easier for you to understand how the initial journey and peak vision of ThinkCoin.

Token Details

What is ThinkCoin                : ThinkCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to allow trading in financial products and cryptocurrencies between individuals and institutions on a level playing field.
Symbol                                 : TCO
Type                                      : ERC-20 Standard
Total supply                          : 500,000,000
ICO price                              : $0.30 USD
Min. Invest                           : -
Bonus                                   : 22%
ICO start date                       : May 15, 2018
Soft Cap                               : $5,000,000
Hard Cap                              : $30,000,000
Accepted Currencies            : ETH, BTC, BCH, and Fiat
Country                                 : Australia
Whitelist/KYC                       : KYC

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