SMARTRealty: a Breaktrough of Owning Property

One of the indicators of the country's fastest growing economy is property development. Real estate as one of the cornerstones of an enormous turnover of money has created an enormous chain-effect economy as well. If the current housing with the buying and selling system is still ranked the top, then the second rank are the rental system. The millionaire entrepreneur understands this very well, which is why, when they own a plot of land and houses.

                This ultimately leads to no small problems. Starting high rental rates, the difficulty of determining the location of the dwelling, to use legal services lawyer to make a lease-purchase contract or lease. Landlords believe that there must be a legal broker who bridges the need for contractual arrangements. Of course, the price to be paid by the tenant or the buyer will also increase, due to the costs incurred from the legal consultant's services. Along with the development of digitalization technology and world finance, then born a new platform that is able to eliminate the cost of making the lease-purchase contract. This name is SMARTRealty.
                As I read on, this is a platform created and developed specifically for those who need a home, apartment, or office space that uses an agreement contract for their business needs. The owners of buildings or landlords only need to post on the website SMARTRealty. Furthermore, this will be promoted by the web, and potentially seen by hundreds of thousands of prospective tenants around the world. Because in the web platform has been provided smart contract by SMARTRealty, then the speed for making a contract would be more efficient. Even unnecessary fees for the complexity of legal services will be avoided automatically. Of course this will be a plus for prospective tenants, as well as property owners. Because it happens faster and more practical.
                “Legal” means compensation for lawyers, essentially. Since our smart contract template system has to support users in multiple jurisdictions all over the world, we need to consult with attorneys who can ensure that we have the right “ingredients” for each jurisdiction. For example, the US state of Arkansas has no statutory implied warranty of habitability for leases – that’s basically a law that says every rented home must have certain things, like running water, heat, no bug infestations, etc. Most states have such a law, Arkansas doesn’t. Therefore a smart contract that handles a lease in Arkansas will have to contain extra language to cover such things.
                Similarly, there are other lease clauses that are required or recommended in some jurisdictions but not others. Every location in the world is a little different in that regard. The notice period for terminating a tenancy in Colorado, for example, is 7 days. The notice period in Florida is 15 days. The notice period in California is 30 days if you’ve lived there less than a year, but 60 if more than a year. With all these differences, it’s important that we comply with each jurisdiction’s different requirements, laws, etc. That’s what the legal fund covers.
                To be able to transact using this platform, you are required to transact using cryptocurrency such as BTC, ETH, LTC, and some other crypto currencies. But don't worry, you can still use a fiat money like USD, Euro, or any other currency that will automatically convert into RLTY currency. This is a token or coin created by Smart Realty as a valid payment instrument. Because it is decentralized, then this process will directly face buyers and sellers, P2P, and B2B.
                “Blockchain technology streamlines the real estate ecosystem by enabling people to securely and efficiently share data and money. It makes information more accessible, cuts out middlemen and reduces the risk of fraud and theft. A more secure, speedier, trusted process for buying and selling property is good for everyone involved.”
- Matthew Murphy, Global Vice President at Renren -
                It's your best time to invest by buying RLTY tokens. Because later, this never-ending property business will give you many benefits. Please visit website and maximize your lucky potential by joining this platform. Purchases of these coins or tokens will be limited to bonuses until the time of ICO (Intial Coin Offering). At least, by the support on this platform, in the future your time will not be in vain, because the development of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology has entered a long-awaited period by the world community. Welcome to join and enjoy your best results of SMARTRealty.

Road Map

Token Details
Symbol                                 : RLTY
Type                                      : ERC-20 Standard
Total supply                          : 500.000.000 RLTY
ICO price                              : 1 RLTY = 0.0008 ETH
Min. Invest                           : No Minimum Purchase
Bonus                                   : Available
ICO start date                       : May 15, 2018
Hard Cap                              : 160,000 ETH
Accepted Currencies            : ETH, BTC, Dash, LTC
Country                                : USA
Whitelist/KYC                     :

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Name: Yuni Tango
Bitcointalk username: Arwani112
Bitcointalk profie link:;u=1345832
ETH address: 0x150564A1Fbe12a1D03F74a2e152Fc7468b7Cd7bD
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