Peur Review - Marketplace Integration with Cryptocurrency is Perfect

The growth of marketplace platform technology to date has shown a growth rate of up to 300%, starting from this popular platform in 2010. This growth increase is in line with the increase in global purchasing power and high trust and enthusiasm. This is due to the many features and convenience offered by a marketplace platform. One is the practicality that almost can not be met by offline stores. And this practicality brings a new impact of cost and time savings. Everyone understands that time is very expensive. Wrong in utilizing the time, then our lives will also experience many losses.
Now, there is one more integrated marketplace platform with many interesting features. The name of this platform is PEUR. This platform runs on blockchain technology that has been popular in the digital technology world for the last few years. One of the tantalizing and difficult features you reject is Payroll Integration. According to the information I get on their website,, PEUR is a marketplace that you can use to manage your digital assets. You can also use as a media sales and purchases, as well as some services available on the platform PEUR. This is supported by the features I mentioned earlier, namely as Payroll Payment. So if you want to pay or send crypto money, you can take advantage of this feature easily. Because, at this time, the cost of payroll payment used by many companies, still using a third party that is conventional Bank. Where this service burden the company with a fee that is not small per-year. So, this is a platform that helps make your company easier to save on operational costs.
This cool platform uses tokens as their official currency and payment tools. PURC is the token name for the PEUR platform. These tokens can be traded in the market cryptocurrency market. Already many exchange markets that run with blockchain technology. Because this technology is the backbone of decentralization management of a digital platform and transactions that directly connect P2P or B2B, to C2C. PURC this token should be purchased now. Because, in this Pre-ICO, the price offered is in a cheap position to get you. If it is past the Pre-ICO period, then the price mechanism will change. And if the token is sold out, if you want this token to enjoy interesting features in the PEUR platform, then you should buy it in the coin market.

Fund Allocation

Token Distribution

A simple, fast and secure mechanism with extra security makes it a viable platform for you to follow. Because, he uses technology that the next 5 to 10 years of development will become mainstream technology in the free market trading and cryptocurrency exchange. As with other platforms that use decentralized methods, this platform also automatically uses a built in system that is smart contract. Believe me, this will be an important breakthrough for you as an individual or company that you currently manage.

As CEO of PEUR, Joachim Steffenson deserves high appreciation in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. He is able to bring a solid team and show us how they present a technological innovation that we will enjoy. Joachim and Taylah Klien as a Chief Financial Oficers, and Catharina Latjuba as Chief Marketing Officer, they together spur teamwork to continue to create outstanding innovation and service. Behind them there are still intelligent brains that can not be underestimated. Without a programming expert and a platform developer, it is impossible that the product Joachim wants is present in front of you. Then one word is right for them: Respect!

Executive Team:

Joachim M Steffensen

Chief Execuve Officer

Taylah W Kli

Chief Financial Officer

Catharina Latju

Chief Markeng Offi

Chityphong Alain Banchongphan

Chief Technology Officer

Erie Dramoh

Chief Commercial Officer

Emmanuel N F

Lead Designer and Developer

Bella J Luttere

Head of Community and Strategist

Isaac Card

Mobile Developer and R&D Engineer

Koroudo Ohira

UI/UX Developer

Dorodatun Hidayat

Project Manager

Road Map
January – February – March 2017
Start the company.

April – May – June 2017
Minimum viable product.

April 2018

May – June – July 2018
PURC listing in exchanger.

November – December 2018
Open recruitment for Peur community.
Closed Peur beta platform.

February 2019
Buy back program
for PRE-SALE token holder.
Open Peur beta platform.

April 2019
Launch Peur marketplace and community forum.

April – May – June 2019
Peur wallet and payroll integration.

October – November – December 2019
Full e-commerce solution & exchange to fiat currency.

April – May – June 2020
PURC as major payment in app-payment, online shop & retail market.

Token Details:

Symbol                              : PURC
Type                                   : ERC-20 Standard
Total supply                        : 26.500.000
ICO price                           1 PURC = 0.000125 ETH
Min. Invest                          : 0.1 ETH
Bonus                                 : Availabel (5%)
ICO start date                    : May 1-7 2018
Soft Cap                            : US$2.5 M
Hard Cap                          : US$25 M
Accepted Currencies      : ETH, BTC, Dash, LTC
Country                             : Australia
Whitelist/KYC                   : Whitelist

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Bountyhive username: @yunitango
ETH address: 0x150564A1Fbe12a1D03F74a2e152Fc7468b7Cd7bD

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