ENLTE, Power to the World Enlightenment

Today, you are perplexed to imagine the direction of the world as the internet takes on all forms of information. You are a big part of "Global Village", where you are an inseparable part of a big network. Physically and virtually, like you do not like it, you are connected to the community from any part of the world. You will need a new strength and understanding, how does all this work so fast? Even you do not realize, the activities that you upload in social media, apparently has sparked positive reaction from citizens of the world who are both connected to the internet. 

However, the internet provides all the information about many events stored in social system activities. And the update data is done every day will trigger a positive or negative reaction. Millions of cases held in court, being an example caused by the centralization of all matters, and waiting to be resolved, but there is never a solution to it. Not only is the process slow, the un-decentralized process prevents people from obtaining information, spending energy, and wasting time. This is part of the waste that should be avoided as much as possible.

After going through a series of long research, then created a plafotrm called ENLT. As I read on www.web.enlte.com They propose a location-based small world social internet with the characteristics of providing more intelligent queries, connections and better results. Giving one universal identity of user with power of being anonymous. Using the power to rating an experience to develop a database of a universal reputation system based on blockchain with hierarchy of Maple Roots. Giving an opportunity to the users to rate their experiences, problems and broadcast it to the people nearby as well as geostamp & geo-fencing it forever. Other users, organisations can help resolve the issue or bad experience or we will be able to spread awareness to help other people from similar experience. Decentralising the power to the people by motivating users to help each other and spread awareness and earn Enlte coins in exchange of that.

How Does This ENLTE Work?

Using Location based social engine as a small world network. A typical search on a location based small world network would be x times faster, x times accurate and related to the physical environment around you. A Location Based Small world network brings you closer to the physical world and opens a new dimension of connecting physical word to internet accurately and using the properties of this type of network to provide more accurate search results , better search quality and help user to connect with what it is about. Experience Reviews and Ratings have been widely accepted and in 2017 almost 91% of the people would refer to online reviews before buying or considering anything. We use the power of ratings to measure each and every experience. As a decentralised governance system we need to know how and what each node or user of network feel and experience.

They define each and every rating as an experience. Each experience is posted on the blockchain by digitally signing the hash of the previous experience along with the timestamp of the last experience posted on the platform. Experiences are grouped and categorised on location, text, date, time and several other metrics. Each and every experience is not only posted on the location but it affect the overall hash and overall rating of all the higher hierarchy. Such as a user rating a shopping store in Town A will affect City -> State -> Country -> Continent -> Today’s date -> Exact Time hashes. One rating will affect the rating of everything associated with it by giving power to each and every rating and experience.

Nearby Notifications Built in Alert System, a real time notification system setup to share your negative star rating to the people around you. It gives real time push notifications to the users around the location with call to action to spread awareness as well as motivate them to help each others. 95% of the people would immediately check a push notification with 1 minute. Enlte takes notification and rating in coordination and companionship as each rating has their own effects on every notification. The negative or 1 star rating is an automatic push notification to nearby world so that we can help each other and can call for action.

As in the figure, if a female user rate an experience and post it on Enlte platform, the post would be broadcasted to all the nearby devices using push notifications & BLE beacons. Pushing notifications to all the people nearby a. To spread awareness of the nearby event. b. Ask for help from nearby broadcasted to all nodes for verification. So, there is no change of error in recorded data/transaction in blockchain technology. In other words, we can say “a decentralized blockchain helps to guarantee the validity of a transaction by recording it not only on a main server, but connected distributed nodes, all of which are connected through a secure validation mechanism.” Here nodes are said to mining the coin & together they create a powerful second-level network.

This platform will always be ads free network. No ads or advising material will be posted on the platform. As the owner of the page will never be able to post content on it. 12. Rewards Enlte (enlighten) rewards users to bring awareness to the world. Social Awareness tokens are distributed to the users who post an experience and get super likes or support on their pictures. Users on this platform are based on positive experiences called superlike and represented as stars. However users on this platform with negative experiences and most number of supports are represented as Heros. The more awareness you spread on the platform the more coins you earn. Helping someone helps you earn more coins. To make this platform motivating towards people who would contribute to the society by helping people would earn ENLTE coins.


ENLTE Coin Rewards Users as a Spreading Awareness Superlike or Support or Like Value of a superlike & like - 500 / The max number of superlike ever. Value of a support = 1000 / Max number of Support Ever. Then use for Resolving Complaints If you help resolve a complaint or negative rating, you are rewarded enlte coins to help other users. All negative complaints have nearby broadcasting. Users solving the complaint in 0-120 seconds - 75% of total coins earned on the post 120-300 seconds - 50% of total coins earned on the post 300 seconds - 6 hours - 33% of total coins earned on the post 6 hours - 24 hours - 20% of total coins 24 hours + - 15% of total coins earned. E-Validating the transaction Your mobile application is always mining ENLTE Protocol process each and every transaction via blockchain for public ledger, decentralisation, mining and open source platform to make it better and enhanced in future. Pages Each and every post in the app is tagged with geo-stamp information, hashtags and other information. Each post creates multiple pages, or posts on different pages automatically. With every experience you share on the platform, you create multiple pages on the platform.

You will continue to be connected and reinforced by the Internet. And this platform is in dire need of your support. Remember the ICO dates. Immediately purchase the ENLTE coin before you regret it because it runs out. Do not forget, invite your family and friends to both use this platform. In the future, you will surely smile because the value of your investment will produce tremendous results.

Below are the executive developer team of ENLTE project. Click the name to get know more about them in LinkedIn.

Anupam Sharma


Abhinav Sharma

Chief Operations Officer

Rakesh Kumar

Chief Technical Officer

Varun Sharma

Content Curator

Road Map

Token Details:

Token Name                       ENLTE 
Ticker                                 : ENLTE
Total Supply                       : 10 Billion
ICO End Date                    : July 1st, 2018
ICO Price                           : $0.016 = 1 ENLTE
Currencies Accepted         : BTC-ETH and 10+coins
Min. Purchase                   : $160
Max. Limit                          : No Limits
Bonus                                : Yes
ICO Softcap                       : 100 million coins
ICO Hardcap                     : $20 million ( or 1 Billion enlte coins)
Platform                             : ERC20 Standard
Country                              : INDIA
Whitelist/KYC                    : KYC

Useful Links:

Website                               : https://web.enlte.com/
Whitepaper                         : https://web.enlte.com/Whitepaper_v0.2.pdf 
Facebook                            : https://www.facebook.com/enlte
Twitter                                 : https://twitter.com/enlte_official
Youtube                               : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbwXz_HV78-nz0oOs9eg-tQ
Telegram                              : https://t.me/enlte
Bitcointalk                            : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2985619
Reddit                                  : https://reddit.com/user/enlte
Github                                  : https://github.com/enlte
Linkedin                               : https://www.linkedin.com/company/enlte/


Name: Yuni Tango
Bitcointalk username: Arwani112
Bitcointalk profie link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1345832
Telegram: https://t.me/yunitango
ETH address: 0x150564A1Fbe12a1D03F74a2e152Fc7468b7Cd7bD

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