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The opening of access to information for everyone in the world can also be interpreted as a common right to enjoy opportunities in all aspects of life. Today, the most popular in the currency trading business is cryptocurrency. This is a phenomenal born digital currency pioneered by Satoshi Nakamoto, with his 'son' named Bitcoin.

Then comes a derivative of a kind born from a technology commonly known as blockchain technology. From this technology base finally emerged more than 500 new platforms that carry the package to be used as a transaction tool on that platform. And it is known as Coin or Token. Well, a digital token with automatic digital wallet for its owner, which will dipjuakl buy in the free market through the existing exchange platform on the internet.
And one of the new and easy in its trading operations is Bitpction. Starting from the investors in Singapore, and invite some computer programming experts and blockchain technology in the United Kingdom, then was born platform exchange called BITPACTION. As I read on, These platform neither have many unrealistic projects, or an outstanding financial. Only to create a world’s leading digital exchange, and to achieve it step by step. Bitpaction assembled TradingView, the most professional chart tool in the world. You can use website or mobile web to trade on multi-platform easily. Through Websocket basic protocol, we provide highly liquid orders for excellent trading pairs in the market. Multilayer account system will provide unique trading scheme for each user from beginner to professional trader, ensure the safety of users’ assets and data through stable and practical platform technology.

Roadmap of Bitpaction

Nov. 2017, The ideal of Bitpaction was born.
Dec. 2017, Team obtained investment from Singaporean investors and blockchain enthusiasts in the UK.
Jan. 2018, Team launched minimum variable product less than one month.
Early Feb. 2018,Demo online.
Mid Feb. 2018,Cooperate with overseas marketing team and promote events.
Late Feb. 2018,The PV of website reached 300,000 and we owned nearly 100,000 registered users.
Mar.1, 2018, Established partnership with multiple tokens.
Mar.5, 2018, Bitpaction exchange got online and multiple trading pairs have been provided.

Program Details

Every 1,000BPS you are holding will bring your 1% extra discount for your trading service fee, maximum extra discount is 30%.

For instance:  If you have a regular trading service fee at 0.1%, and you are holding 30,000BPS, then those 30,000 will brings your extra 30% discount for your trading service fee, which makes your finally have a trading service fee at 0.07%.

Bitpaction reserve all right to adjust the policy of the program due to the changes of the market conditions. Enable trade pairs with BTC, including ETH with BTC, BPS with BTC, EOS with BTC, GEMS with BTC, AE with BTC. All API requests are called buy the standard HTTPS. All POST calls need to specify the parameters of the format to x-www-form-urlencoded.


Bitpaction provide an online digital asset-only trading platform to trade spot, futures and other derivatives of digital assets (or also known as cryptographic tokens or digital tokens or cryptographic currency) and facilitate margin lending. Traders conduct trading on our platform with each other; Bitpaction as the platform provider is not a buyer or seller in these trades. Traders must open an account and upload digital assets prior to commencement of trading. Bitpaction does not accept fiat currencies nor settle in fiat currencies, hence we are a digital asset-only trading platform. Traders may request the withdrawal of their digital asset at any time, subject to the limitations as stated in the Terms.

While Bitpaction has made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information on our website, the information and content on the website is subject to change without notice and is provided for the sole purpose of assisting users to make independent decisions. Bitpaction has taken reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website; however, we do not guarantee the accuracy, suitability, reliability, completeness, performance and/or fitness for purpose of the content of any Services or products available through the website, and will not accept liability for any loss or damage that may arise directly or indirectly from the content or your inability to access the Web site, for any delay in or failure of the transmission or the receipt of any instruction or notifications sent through our platform. Bitpaction will not have any liability for the use or interpretation of such information.

Users shall prepare devices and bear costs as follows: internet-connected device, including but not limited to computer or other internet-connected terminals; internet-accessing costs, including but not limited to internet fees, rental charges for internet-connected equipments, cellular data fees, etc. While using the Services, you accept the information services provided by Bitpaction. You hereby authorize Bitpaction to send commercial information to you via e-mail, SMS, mailing address. You can opt out such services by changing relevant settings on the website.

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Name: Yuni Tango
Bitcointalk username: Arwani112
Bitcointalk profie link:;u=1345832
ETH address: 0x150564A1Fbe12a1D03F74a2e152Fc7468b7Cd7bD

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