When Electric Energy Meets Blockchain Technology

Electricity, you know, today is the backbone of human life. Projects will encounter major problems when power supplies are constrained. For all that is mechanical at the moment, move forward toward automation. This gives us an idea that the energy source of electricity is an absolute necessity. A small part of the automotive industry has shown that direction. Electric motors, electric cars, and charging stations on both devices require supply stability and competitive prices. Two things are a huge investment. Because, in addition to infrastructure built using investment funds from the community, the state also has its own development methods. Thus, the arrangement for the selling price of its energy supply is slightly different from determining the selling price.

Apart from the complexity of the production process of creating electrical energy, there are some problems with it. Part of the problem is the sequence of the length of the process until it can be consumed by the consumer in the end. The distribution process takes no time, and investment for its infrastructure is not cheap. The general understanding that consumers only pay the bill for electricity costs, if the delay in payment, the consumer will be a victim of the many fines to be paid at once. Coupled with other regulations, which may be difficult for both parties. This complex bureaucracy has spawned a new problem called expensive costs.

So, came an intelligent application that we had not thought of before. According to www.bittwatt.com, this platform is expected to bridge the distribution system process. From the scheme for solutions that they offer, at least there are some points that I'm sure can be of great benefit now and the time to come. First, do the real-time consumption of data sharing with a blockchain technology (make smart request-response program). Second, utilize a very reliable system that will be able to match demand on supply accurately and in real time, based on the criteria set by each side. Third, Integrating reserve generation capacity - such as Bittwatt can call generating (generating) power plants to increase or decrease their output for a limited time a system of supply and supply balancing mechanisms. This, of course, includes pumped storage - or hydroelectric power supplies, which can generate electricity in seconds. The integration of intelligent demand and response programs consumers can consume by selling unused electricity at peak price periods to reduce the pressure on the actual grid when a high price is determined. 

At the top of the Ethereum ecosystem, they build services using Geth. This is a multipurpose command line tool of Ethereum, they built Bittwatt services using Geth. Geth is a multipurpose running a full Ethereum node implemented in Go. Applications connected to the Ethereum blockchain are built in Truffles. Truffle is a development environment, testing framework, and asset pipeline for Ethereum. They use Ethereum Truffle for Built-in smart compilation contracts, connecting, deploying and binary management. The pipeline that can be configured with support for the custom creation process. Network management to apply to many public and private networks. Some of these points can we mean, that everything really runs automatically, and transparent.

Bitwatt Token ICO

To apply the above project, Bittwatt will launch a BWT token. Details of how to get and use this BWT token can be found at www.bittwatt.com  As far as I know, this is your best time to invest and support this Bittwatt application. There will be so much you can get. In pre-ICO (initial coin offering) you will get a 35% bonuses of the total BWT tokens purchased. And Bittwatt set a very realistic target of $ 30,400,000.00.

Bitwatt Roadmap

Very likely this will be achieved, cause the world of electricity and system technology is very relevant to go hand in hand. Great opportunities are in your hands. Grab it fast!      

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