VINCHAIN - Application You Need Check before Buying Cars

Although the global economy will not show signs of a steady rise in the percentage of the economy, it does not reduce the enthusiasm for people to buy cars, especially used cars. Used cars still have a huge market. People's need for cars, especially family cars, is still very high. Adjustment of this requirement is captured by used car salesman or used car showroom, as a market opportunity that can still be enjoyed its presence. People in Europe and America are still happy to buy used cars. They are still using MSRP (manufacturing suggested retail price) reference, as an illustration that one day the wanted car has changed its status to a used car. Especially if near the end of the year, many are selling in very good conditions, but very cheap.

This condition brings benefits of many parties. Used car sellers' showrooms are very large, so their unit turnover cycle becomes balanced because of the large number of buyers. Then buyers are also happy because many good cars are sold at prices in accordance by the ability of the buyer. If there is a college that will do the graduation, then usually a lot of cars are sold at cheap prices. In 2015, my friend ever gets a cheap car Dodge brand, released in 2006 at a price for only US $ 600. But, it was not too much information that can be owned by prospective buyers used cars provided by prospective sellers. That way, mistakes often occur even to tend to the losses experienced by the buyer, if they buy a used car without a complete and accurate reference. This gap is utilized by information technology experts to create an application that can provide detailed information about what cars will be purchased.

Start from the engine feasibility condition. Actual mileage achieved. Administration completeness. Estimated price in used car market. Insurance available. Until the provision of information about leasing or banks that can help support financing for buyers. All this is presented complete by an application called a VINchain. As explained on his website, VINchain ​​will grow into a decentralized platform, allowing anyone to access for the needs in purchasing used cars. This application will run powered by blockchain technology. How does this application work? Previous buyers must install this app on their mobile device, and register it until they get blockchain passport. If the registration is approved, then the buyer is requested to show no VIN of the vehicle they want.

ICO (Initial Coin Offering)

After the service provider provides a brief data onto the car, the prospective buyer is required to pay to get detailed information about the actual condition of the car. This payment is performed using a token named VIN Token. This token is available now, and you can buy it earlier on the VINCHAIN ​​website. All you have to remember now is the token sales schedule. If you buy it before the ICO begins, you will get a huge purchase bonus. Because if the ICO period has run, you can only buy the token in the coin market or token markets. Of course, with a huge price difference. How come? Because the distribution of tokens in the blockchain technology has limited supply. If the ICO period has been completed, and the remaining tokens still exists, then the tokens will automatically burnt. Indeed that's the distribution system on the platform.

VINCHAIN Token Details:

Role of Token
Enable trade of data between data owners and buyers
1’000’000’000 VIN
For Sale
600’000’000 VIN
Emission Rate
No new tokens will be created
1 ETH - 20’000 vin
Accepted Currencies
Sale Period
1st February 2018 14:00 UTC to 15th April 2018 14:00 UTC
Token distribution date
17th April to 29th April 2018
Minimum goal
3 300 ETH
Maximum goal
23 250 ETH


As you can see from the pic below, Vinchain is listed as one of the best top 14 ICO's in 2018. What does it mean? Of couse, this project is remarkable and reliable. VIN would be a promising investment.

So my advice is clear. Start investing some of your money for this exciting application. The phenomenon about used cars and used car markets, obviously still going to be warm, at least I estimate up to 5 years to come. Happy investing, and enjoy the benefits you will get. And have a nice hunting cool cars.

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