VELIX.ID; Your Identity is Your Biggest Asset

Ever since everyone’s identity has become a very important part. Reputation built by a person, will be an integral part in his life. The ‘big name’ that represents the level of achievement, can create a business. Trust to becomes the key. Anyone who has an advantage or greatness in a particular field, be assured that what she/he does will create a significant impact on the environment.

Modern civilization build to its own form. Other people or business or governmental institutions, now can not just trust someone only by knowing his name. It takes time for the authentic truth verification process of the identity and reputation attached to it. This process is indispensable in digital life. Because, if there is a deliberate exploit your identity, especially if it involves a very sensitive, eg security and continuity of your business, then this becomes a very difficult problem solved.

The complexity of this identification process is a problem with many people. Because it takes time is not small. Not to mention, information about your identity may have spread across various business or government agencies. The data onto this immense human identity is vulnerable to abuse. For that, it takes a system or platform that is not centralized. So, if there is someone that who will hack your data, he will meet a dead end, because it has to deal with an enormous network, which is difficult to penetrate.

Created a platform was called a Velix.Id. You can read and actively participate in it. Please click This is a large, decentralized decent ecosystem. All your identity will be stored safely. Because I mentioned above, that to penetrate it, anyone will pass through thousands or even millions of blocks. Of course will bring ease and security for you.

If in an immigration department, your passport is known to be falsely indicated, then you can open a ‘ledger’ in this ecosystem simply by entering an eight-digit alphanumeric password, and a numeric code. Then information about your data will be fully open. This clearly shortens the time for a business deal. And any data transactions between you and the agencies relating to you, will be printed a record that generates financial benefits of you and who needs data about you. Because it is connected at once with the banks, the management of Velix Blockchain generates exchange rate from the transaction provider’s bank.

How could this happen? So, if this application is widely used by all institutions that play an important role in the elements of life, then this system work independently and not centrally. A token is required to access this platform, named VXD token. When anyone will use this app in data information activities, he / she must purchase a number of VXD tokens that are currently sold before entering an open market, called Pre-sale. Because, if you have entered the market coin, and the supply of this token is up, you will not be able to buy it on the website. If you purchased it before April 17, 2018, you will get a bonus of 40% of the total token you purchased. This token will later use the currency cryptocurrency of Ethereum. Thus, when you buy the token at this time, the value used is a minimum of 0.5 ETH. If it refers to fiat money, then 1 VXD = 1 USD.

Of limitations of this token supply which will be expensive. The more needed, the harder to get, the more expensive the exchange rate. The principle of supply and demand. But if this system has been running at least 2 to 10 years in the future, then you are today one of the greatest investors. Because anyone who needs data about yourself, will create profit profit for you. The principle is, your personal data is safely and layered. Transparent in recording transaction data. Applied to anyone in the world. Saved your data verification time. Each of your activities and those who need your information are stored neatly, and unknown to the public.

Moreover, some top rating website shows good remark of This is more convincing that this project is reliable one and worth to invest on.

What’s more? Clearly I mentioned as the title above, that your identity is really your best asset. Do not decide too long to join this platform. The world will see it optimistically, because security is a part of every human number one priority.

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