Smart Containers Runs on Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology brings fresh air over the last 5 years. Various invention applications that we need and the opportunity to create revenue, finally emerged unceremoniously. Suddenly there and never thought of before. Blockchain technology is not only able to cope with finance but also logistics. More than 17 million containers are delivered worldwide. Logistics is the machine of the global trade, as well as the oldest business in the world. He is managed with a very complicated and standard procedures that do not tolerate all the slightest mistakes, except natural disturbances.

It takes more than 200 papers or communication done for a delivery of goods, obviously this requires no small resources. There are almost no special application bridges the need to complete this particular work unit. As approach on the Christmas or New Year holidays, even Thanks Giving, you never imagine how busy Amazon, Alibaba and other e-commerce platforms are busy. You will not be able to see how busy these people behind the scenes work. So, to reduce their job barriers, a great application for this vast market niche was born. As reported on this application is needed by the public at this time.

Sky Cell and Food Guardians

They offer two applications called Sky Cell and Food Guardians. This application is to overcome the complexity of a centralized system that does not happen in blockchain technology. With the SkyCell app, decentralized delivery mechanisms make working for document creation much simpler. In the software they run that are blockchain based, they call it with Logi Chain. This is a tangible manifestation of a years of research experience that they are working on, until we finally realize how much it costs to make a logistics shipment. With Logi Chain, they strive to achieve several objectives, namely: eliminate paper and disconnected information such as email from the shipment process, automate billing throughout the supply chain and reduce transaction fees by accepting cryptocurrencies as payment, providing services for the whole logistics community, including logistics players, airlines, sea freight companies, customs brokers and more.
In the Food Guardians application, they created a hardware device based on Containers 4.0, where it intelligently has barrier technology for sensitive temperatures. Their ingenious R & D team invented a completely new cooling technology that stores five times more energy than traditional methods, keeping the container at a steady temperature. All containers based on SMART CONTAINERS technology are automatically recharged in a cold storage or refrigerated trucks without any manual input. No mistakes can be made since all parts are integrated and fixed. Now it is clear, that the slightest doubt about a logistics shipment to the rest of the world if these platforms and application works, will create much better conditions in the future.

SMARC Token and ICO

Smart Containers are all in a positive-sum-game as the co-founders and all token holders will have aligned interests and incentives. Yes, some people assume the ICOs nowadays as  as a speculative springboard but Smart Containers are not. They use it as way of funding innovation and change the world. The founders,  Richard and Nico, are committed for the long-term and not interested in a quick exit. The aim is to use the collected funds to continue pushing the following business areas:

  • Continue scaling of SkyCell in both B2B and B2C
  • Establish FoodGuardians
  • Establish the of LOGI CHAIN Foundation
  • Regularly evaluate organic scaling vs. M&A
  • Evaluate IPO at relevant time

Token Details:

1 SMARC = 0.432 USD
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Hard cap
36,000,000 USD
KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas
USA, Canada, Japan, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, Burma, Côte d'Ivoire


Crowd Sale,
first third
second third
final third5%

Road Map
You see how they've started a great move early in their journey, until later how they achieve the greatest goal of the application they created.

Start R&D on ground breaking
insulation technology.

Founding of Smart Containers
Group and first division SkyCell.
Intro 770C.

Intro 1500C.

Key Partner Emirates.

Intro 2500C.
Key partner Cargolux.
Founding FoodGuardians.

Partnership with 1 further airline.
Intro SkyCell ONE.
LOGI CHAIN Alpha Version operative.
LOGI CHAIN Beta version operative.
Lead customer for FoodGuardians.

Scaling production FoodGuardians.
Add 2-3 customers FoodGuardians.
SkyCell to offer largest B2B container fleet worldwide.
5 Major player to join LOGI CHAIN foundation.
Automatic payments of containers through smart contracts.

You will feel how excited CEO Richard Ettl translates a great idea that your company needed. In point of fact, as individually, you still can get a financial benefits too. Imagine that with a great team owned by Smartcontainers will be able to answer any doubts  tabou the world of logistics and security in it. Solidity team that really tested and very experienced, will give birth to the power in the business itself. Richard Ettl was very sure of that. With a master advisor, Fabian Schar, the strength of the application of blockchain technology in these platform will becoming increasingly empowered.

Join the ICO

The risen question may come; why should participate in this project? Well, this company has been operative for over five years with high margins and excellent growth potential. As you can see on the road map, it has started since 2009. Then, they have successfully created the hardware and now are focusing on software;
  • Invoicing through smart contract payments in cryptocurrencies
  • Tracking using blockchain technology
  • Creating the world’s first autonomous shipping container
Moreover, these credible press and medias also gave it good reviews;

Lastly, I can say nothing but suggest you to join this  revolutionizing logistics through blockchain. For further detail information you can check below links out;

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