Robotina - Revolution Electric Savings Based On Blockchain Technology

Who can deny that anyone who lives under this sky needs energy from electricity? Except to those who live in the forest inland, and untouched by modern technology. The huge power consumption of urban communities requires a number of power supply providers should think strategically. Power-saving campaigns are encouraged. Exciting incentives are given to those who are using low-power devices. The cost of using electricity is expensive, so people think twice before wasting. Don't ask how the final result? Practically, implementation in the field is very difficult to realize. Especially the consumption of electricity on an industrial scale.

There is one new strategy that can be implemented if it refers to the above problem. As internet technology becomes more powerful, computerize and digitizing technology turns new enthusiasm and creativity. So, let me mention one great platform that is Robotina. An associative name with a robot, right? As I browse through their website,, this platform is a method that will optimize the entire power grid, reduce excessive power consumption, and reduce the cost of utility bills. The amount of these costs increased because there is no control for its consumption. It could also be due to uneven distribution, so the load becomes centralized.

How does Robotina platform work? The tools they create will record all the household devices you use, and they're kept in the ledger, and it can be read by all members of the Robotina community. The data you sell in groups will create a new plan according to the power supply provider. By using artificial intelligent, machine e-learning, weather forecast, and energy price data, you and anyone can learn this application very easily. If you do this by groups with the support of a reliable management system and connect with all your appliance and your group, then the other impacts by achieving savings are made of passive income opportunities will be realized easily.
Robotina Token (ROX)

If you find an interesting business idea that can be facilitated by the Robotina platform, then all members of this community will have a great opportunity to support the business development ideas that you offer. Of course, before you have to have a token they have produced called ROX. This ROX token can be purchased from now on before the ICO begins the next few days. Robotina platform provides a tantalizing bonus for purchasing this ROX token. By having this ROX token, you can simultaneously use it for payment tools to buy software and hardware sold by Robotina. This token is also can be as an official proof of your membership on the Robotina platform. Why is this important? Because you are a part of the investors as well as members of the community that will be entitled to incentives or rewards from Robotina.

In the website that I mentioned earlier, you can learn, how the technical stages to make changes in your electrical consumption behavior. First, you will receive (after doing financial support by buying ROX tokens) an Energy Management System (EMS) devices. This is the intelligent Internet of Things. Then after installed properly, then all data onto your electric device will automatically to server Robotina Platform. It will be starting an automatic job of your electricity savings. The simple route you need to understand is from producer> distributor> consumer. If within this system of distribution system there is an internet network managed by a platform like Robotina, then the data you have been shared among the platform, this will trigger to a new business mechanism. As the biggest bonus, your electric bill will get a discount up to 30% when you combine this EMS device on Robotina platform.

The Team:

Robotina is founded and developed by some talented experts who have experienced qualified in their fields. 
Token Details:
PreICO Price
0.048 USD = 1 ROX
0.05 USD = 1 ROX
Minimum investment
0.5 ETH
Soft cap
10 000 000 USD
Hard cap
28,500,000 USD
Restricted areas
USA (only accredited investors can participate)

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