KORA - A New Hope in Financial System

Millions of people out there, especially on the list of poor countries, their population still don't have any bank accounts. This happens due to many factors. According to several research studies conducted by banking institutions, economists, advanced learners, and several other individuals, the average mentions are; lack of access that they have, and expensive infrastructure in its application.

Examples above variables are only a small part. Another fact that is no less surprising is that banking transactions is not comparable with the level of their economy, which led to the loss of some parts that should not be charged to them. This is evident in terms of demography and geography as well. From aspect of  demography, some of my already explains above, there are still many reasons for 'unfavorable' bank for them.

In terms of geography discipline, although many people have mobile phones with very bad signals, they still understand that communication is very important. More important to the banking affairs or greater financial practices above that. This gave rise to a new spirit of the ratio of banking needs. Who needs banking services? Of course they are. It's that true?

We can hardly believe that there are such facts as I mentioned earlier. Trust me, in any part of the world, there are still many (millions) of people who can not accept the financial condition of the banking behavior aspect. At the Arctic, in the inland of Africa, in the valleys of South America, along the population in Amazon river , and in some of Central and East Asia, even in Indonesia until to the Aboriginal peoples in Australia. They strongly believe in communal trading systems and very traditional. Even in some places, barter laws are still very dominant.

Where does the technology of informatics and its derivatives comes from? Well, now is the time you will understand one new thing from a technology that is currently the latest technology of network commutation, that is Blockchain. There is a new platform that will connect us with them without the presence of traditional banking infrastructure. This technology is one step ahead forward. The platform they launched is named KORA, and runs with a very neat, tidy, and highly efficient blockchain system.

KORA ecosystem

Their banking civilization is to connect transactions for anyone in a track or chain block by using a token named KNT. As reported on www.kora.network, this application is very diverse usefulness. When you standing in this circle of applicators, you will not be limited by transactions with anyone. Even with a lot of merchants who will soon be working with this platform. With the existence of Community Value Networks (CVN), it will be more and more trade institutions, agriculture, distributors, and business chains are therein, will greatly feel the benefits with this platform.

Users will very easily operate this technology. Only by using a mobile device, you will enjoy the e-fiat facility. This system is digitizing your money that you can use in many places. Providers have billions of complete data. So by using the access code is very easy, you can already transact indefinitely. In contrast to some weaknesses for fiat money that use access cards an atm. If the PIN (personal identification number) you forgot, the bank card provider will block your account. Or your pin is stolen and misused by someone other than you.

Security in this KORA application, is well preserved. How can this system be trusted? Imagine it, let say, you want to rob a federal bank. The location of the bank are in the center of a strong and large fortress, also filled with multi-layered guards. Meanwhile, even your current position is twenty days (20 days) overland journey to the location of the bank were located. And, on every mile of your journey, you must facing an authorized guard, and asking you to what your business on that bank. At least, that's a brief an illustration of the security on this platform.

So, how to participate in support this application? What will you get? When should you make a valuable decision?

KORA token sale

The KNT Token is only produced on a limited scale. No more than 755,007,338 tokens. This means that, in its ICO period, if the tokens can not be distributed among contributors, investors, supporters, then automatically the token reserves owned by Kora Network will be forfeited by itself. They targeted up to USD $ 25 Million. I hope this achievement will be exceeded well. Given, the system of this platform is needed by those who do not have an account at the bank, nor for investors who want the investment world to move in a more positive direction. Then, when you should to buy these token? NOW! Because, the time of ICO that will soon be opened, it will create regret if you decide to buy it later. If the supply is maximized, then automatically by high demand, the commodity prices will be more expensive. At least, that's the theory of trade that I believe. But trust me, there's still a hope (for eveybody).

Useful Links:
Website: https://kora.network/tokensale.html
Whitepaper: https://kora.network/tokensale.html#whitepaper
Bountyhive: https://bountyhive.io/browse/Kora%20Network

Name: Yuni Tango
Bountyhive username: @yunitango
Telegram: https://t.me/yunitango
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