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The world's global economy is moving so dynamically and experiencing various accelerations and growing in various sectors. One main stream is financial services. Banks are currently looking for ways to keep their customers loyal to keep their money in the bank. Various services they launch. Promotion programs that able to boost the return of the bank always experienced updating. Not surprisingly, the banking community from the customer side is constantly getting the best service promotion from them. Promotion programs that have long-term resilience will still be prioritized. One of them is investment and asset management services.

This is to limit other competitors (banks) that their customers do not move entrust their financial asset management. The problem is so interesting to be observed. No wonder, economists are getting richer, because their analysis is needed by policy makers. Whether it's from the side of the banking company itself, or potential investors who will put the money in the bank. The most unpredictable are the graph of the rise and fall of the exchange rate of a currency against another currency. It takes precision and sharp intuition before they exchange other currencies. Either bought or sell. The money market itself has different characteristics from other commodity markets. He is highly controlled and relies on government policy. Not infrequently, the slightest political phenomenon, will affect the movement towards currency values. When it’s happen, investors or customers who will be victims or heroes at once. Why do I say that? Every investor, certainly being pursued is a profit. No other words.

Digital technology is a new color member and does a lot of breakthroughs and refreshes to market saturation. The great combinations between bankers and IT experts creates a new magnet. The market responded positively. They wait, what will happen to a new round of fight and innovation for the long term. So, there is a new application in the open market niche. The European Crypto Bank, hereinafter referred to as ECB, is one of the new ideas and will take the form of a great company in banking. As I read in their release on The company team up with Forgues Gestion SAS, pioneered in Paris in April 2009 and Woospeak Italia in 2015, present just as today's technology peaks at its best. Because blockchain technology allows the direction of corporate policy, which not only strives in the world of cryptocurrency, but also at the same time in fiat currency, launched they great projects.

One of the big problems of people in the digital finance room is that it is difficult for them to exchange crypto currency. This is caused by several factors. The dominant factor is the magnitude of exchange fees, since most exchange platforms still use conventional regulation. With this breakthrough on features of the ECB, people holding digital currency / crypto money, no longer have trouble diverting to fiat currencies. Because it runs based on a blockchain technology, it is certain that this platform can be owned by many shareholders / investors. And they also have prepared well. They produce the token which called a ECB Tokens. This token is now available for you to purchase with a variety of crypto currencies. One of them is Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, even fiat currency generally like Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, and so on.

Although there is currently no double bonus if you buy these tokens, don’t too worry about. There is still a bonus if you buy a minimum of 600 tokens, which is the ECB Device Wallet Archos. This is Secure management and storage of crypto-active, safe from cyber threats of Identification by PIN, offline private key generation, management of operations on the device, offline On-screen display of information about each transaction for an easy verification before approval, physical authorization with buttons, reaction of a recovery code (consisting of 24 words), essential in case of breakage, loss or theft, support for ECB and major cryptocurrencies. Go to get for these great offering before their ICO, or you’ll be scathed.

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