Eira Cube; Robotised Blockchain for Retail

Today, in the first to third world, people go out to the supermarket, shopping mall, or to traditional markets, purely to access. It only applies to some groups of people. For example, go to a shopping center. Returning from the place, they carry shopping goods full of groceries. And, the mostly is a fashion product.
Before they make the transaction that spends a much money, they walk around and look at displays, or window shopping. This satisfaction can not be done when they purchase an item online. Any kind of offer offered online, sometimes keeps them physically safe. But, just to manage its existence only. And satisfy the 'thirst' of the streets.
The greatness of this e-commerce achievement should not be disputed. The world of domestic or international finance will be deadlock, if not see e-commerce opportunities as a lucrative opportunity, not vice versa. There are still Traditional who did provide understanding, namely the potential for physical persons, the interest still high. But if asked about the speed of his financial experiment, of course traditional traders will shake his head.
Intelligent Irish people with decades of experience in finance, asset management, commerce, information technology, and marketing, unit and worked hard to create a great platform. My writing certainly can not accurately describe what is actually inside. Try to see more detail of: www.eiracube.io In the website I mentioned earlier, you will find something special about how the world of e-commerce finds its new form of the future.

EiraCube is an “Airbnb for retail goods”. Just rent a shelf and send us goods. We take care of everything to have it sold in the best locations in the world! EiraCube is the world's first robo-powered pop-up store. It gives online merchants fast, lean, and simple way to showcase and sell their products in high-end shopping malls globally. We bring together ‘touch and feel’ of shopping in the first person and convenience and efficiency of ecommerce for the very first time.
This platform develops in an ecosystem that runs on a blockchain mechanism. A system, where its users or are involved in a network that is not centralized. There will be many connected parties. Working actively and passively, and creating mutual opportunities and financial benefits for everyone. EiraCube is becoming very modern look. With the slogan of The Pop-up Store Experience, EiraCube offers practical solutions to merchants that will connect to offline sales and their customers.
Brands of merchants will be linked to potential buyers. And the logos of the product will be emblazoned in a 'space' display in many places. Order system using the online path. And with the power of robotic, you will get the goods you want. Like a vending machine, scattered all over the place. Potential buyers currently rise almost 3-fold if compared to the world of e-commerce has not growth like today.
For the owner of shopping center, of course this application is very valuable. The owners of this shopping center will connect with online based sellers. Then for onliners. For e-commerce merchants, EiraCube overcomes 'touch and feel' challenges, enabling simultaneous product launch worldwide, cutting back and acting as high-profile outlets by 'click and collect'.

Eira Cube's key features are:
  • Full automation
  • Lean access to offline clientele
  • Fast offline channel
  • Innovative data capturing solutions
  • Customized shelf space
  • One-stop solution
Eira Cube Business Model

Simply, Eira Cube will place some fully robotized pop-up stores in the high-end shopping zone so that they can reach potential customers. As time goes by and the demands raise, it will be widely adopted as all the parties in the process get benefits from it. 


Examples of physical appearance of Eira Cube look like the photo above. It looks modern and interesting isn't it? The merchants can customize it to their logo and the decor so it suitable to the products. 

So, how it works? There's two functions of this signature called BRETT. First, to discount the goods you wants. And the second, as the main capital for the development of EiraCube application ecosystem. Previously, you were required to purchase the BRETT of this token in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) period. You can buy it with a crypto money that is ETH and BTC. What is the BRETT value of this token if you buy it now? Very cheap.

In the current offer, if you purchase BRETT tokens with 1 ETH amount, then you will get a token of 30,000 BRETT. Nominal 1 ETH at this time you can see in the market coins that has many plaforms active on the internet. The exchange rate of the fiat currency is taken into consideration at this time. The BRETT number of tokens that you get if you back it by a nominal 1 ETH, will be added in the form of a token purchase bonus. In the current premium token sales period, you will get 30% - 40% bonus. The more closer to ICO closes, the token supply become thinner. If the period has expired their 'promo, then forced to buy in the market cryptocurrency. Expensive? Definitely.

Morever, Eira Cube has been ranked with a good mark by some ICO rating website such as ICOBench, ICOMarks and TrackICO. These websites are credible and involving many eperts and advisors. So I can conclude that this project is good and promising invesment in the future. Beside doing your own reseacrh, you can also take this as your consideration before investing your assets in cryptocurrency.

After I describe the long-term benefits of this EiraCube, now is the best time to engage and actively participate in it. Please visit the website. Ask their virtual assistant if there is anything you want to understand further. Later, when the program of this application has been running effectively, who will greatly benefit? You, and the e-commerce world will be more exciting.

Token Details:
PreICO Price
1 BRETT = 0.0000333 ETH
1 ETH = 30000 BRETT
ETH, BTC, Fiat
Soft cap
3,000,000 USD
Hard cap
25,000,000 USD


2017Concept and research
MVP in-house

The First shop launched in London
Grand opening of three roboshops

201930 stores alive EU and Asia
2020Over 300 stores operate globally
Useful Links:

Website: https://eiracube.io
Whitepaper: https://eiracube.io/assets/document/EiraCube_WP.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/eiracubeico


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Telegram: https://t.me/yunitango
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