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The world of cryptocurrency has entered the fundamental element in the world of global commerce. It is undeniable that our need for a new system in the world of financial technology (fintech) has reached an enlightening condition. When you think that trading fiat or cryptocurrency is difficult, complicated, complex, fund many other terms that sound troublesome, you are wrong. There are now many decentralized financial technology companies. One of the premiums is Streamity. This new exchange platform is developed in line with the basic needs of the technology itself.
As explained in www.streamity.org this platform is very unique and has some differences between other exchange applications. Some of these unique features are Streamdesk. This feature pampers its users with minimum fees. The user chooses transfer method himself, in most cases there will be no fees in fiat money. Fees in the cryptocurrency vary from 0 to 2% of the currencies they trade. Streamity of course also uses Smart Contracts. Where application is built on the architecture of smart-contracts, which provides maximum protection for the seller and the buyer.

Fixed Rates of Cryptocurrencies, this is a special features if you use the StreamDesk on the Streamity platform. You can buy / sell cryptocurrencies at a fixed price. Information about the rates is automatically collected from the main exchange markets in the "Market" section. This will add to your comfort while you will trade your financial assets, they call it the Freedom of Cryptocommunity. Fiat money or cryptocurrencies are not blocked within the platform. Exchange is conducted directly between the seller and the buyer.

Within this project they are developing a decentralized P2P platform for cryptocurrency exchanges and a powerful informational portal, which is include educational, information-analytical and investment resources. From here, you can analyze further, that they not only provide the portal for selling/bought, but complete with all the information you need before you make a transaction. So, every amenity will be complete in one package, whether in it is supported by a qualified knowledge.
Wait a minute, the above features may not be enough to satisfy you. There are still additional features that would be very unfortunate if you miss. In the concept of artificial intelligence, they plan to apply artificial intelligence in various resources of the "Streamity" environment. If you are still unaware of the world of cryptocurrency exchange and its decentralized applications like Streamity, do not worry, you will always be encouraged to be educated in the presence of Community Training. Together, with all its partners "Streamity" will conduct large-scale training courses. Meetups and Conferences will always present them for you. They will hold meetups and conferences on a variety of topics for the community in different countries. And, about the future of Streamity, they will always support partnerships with various blockchain-companies with a view to the technological development.


It is clear that a CEO and Founder like Vladislav Kuznetsov already has the trust that according to his opinion, that Streamity is showing a hopeful results, thanks to the experienced and well-known team, challenging and relevant idea, the only one of its kind . It is not easy to convince an expert to join this project, if Vladislav does not have a long-term visa and mission that is realistic and relevant to the expectations of many people in the world. This he realizes until Dmitry Martianov believes he can work together from the beginning.

ICO and Tokensale

To be able to run this application, you must be actively involved and supporting to  the realization of this project by buying a token that named STM. These tokens have been sold before the actual public sale of the ICO. You pay close attention to the date of the sale. This is the best time for you to buy the token. 
Token Distibution

The token distributions of Streamity are 70% for ICO participants as shown in the diagram above. Only 25% of token are held by the team and and 50% of the STREAMITY team's share will be held for one year, as stipulated by the conditions of smart-contracts. Also this share will be held until the launch of the STREAMDESK mobile application. It shows us the seriousness of the team in this project.

The distribution of raised funds after the ICO  is shown in the diagram below. 40% of the ICO capital will be used for product development. The team really understands that development of a high quality product is not the only key success factor. Products must be delivered to intended target audiences, clear and regular communication with customers must be maintained , and the brand must be continuously promoted. However, these figures are not final and may change depending on the required needs of the company. 

Streamity offers special discounts depending on the timeliness of the buyer's entrance when purchasing STM. In this period when you buy the STM token, you will get a bonus purchase of tokens by 10%. Remember, April 29, 2018 is the deadline for Pre-ICO sales in Phase 2. If you miss this sale period, you are no longer likely to get a bonus when the ICO period starts in May 2018. Finally, i hope you will enjoy your transaction.

Road Map

May 2017 : Creation of the idea of Streamity project
August 2017: The prototype of StreamDesk finished Backend and user’s account developed
Q1.2018: Start of ICO
Q1.2018: Launch of StreamDesk and of the marketing campign
Q1.2018: Launch of StreamDesk and of the marketing campign
 Q4.2018: Launch of cryptocurrencies converter
Q2.2019: Launch of Streamity mobile version (IOS/Android)
Q4.2019: Launch of «Streamity» investment resource

Token Details:

Symbol                               : STM
Total Supply                       : 180,000,000
Token Sale                         : 110,200,000 STM
Pre-Sale                             : 20,000,000 STM
Price                                   : 1 STM = 0,2 USD (excluding bonuses)
Hard Cap                            : $2,8 Million USD
Soft Cap                              : 25,000,000 STM
Payment                              : BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, USD, EUR
Min. Invest                           : 0.1 ETH
Bonus                                  : Available (10%)
Platform                               : Ethereum ERC2 Standard
Country                                : Singapore
Whitelist/KYC                       : Whitelist

Useful Links
Website               : https://streamity.org/en/
Twitter                 : https://twitter.com/streamityorg
Facebook            : https://www.facebook.com/streamity
Instagram            : https://www.instagram.com/streamity/
Telegram             : https://t.me/streamityChat_en
Medium               : https://medium.com/@streamityorg
Youtube               : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOXe_JuM-loN7nKPkh-4TBg
Bitcointalk           : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2519489
Github                  : https://github.com/streamity/stm-smartcontract

Name: Yuni Tango
Bitcointalk username: Arwani112
Bitcointalk profie link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1345832
Telegram: https://t.me/yunitango
ETH address: 0x150564A1Fbe12a1D03F74a2e152Fc7468b7Cd7bD
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