Dbrain Project - Treasure of Blockchain Technology

Have you ever thought that any data or images you post on the internet can be a very promising business? Ten years ago, people provide information/data on the internet as a mere hobby. They want their existence to be appreciated by many appreciations. Then slowly but surely, finally there is a new awareness born of this hobby. That is business image data. What is this business? People no longer rely on their hobby to be recognized by the world community. How do they make their hobby the backbone of a promising business.

Artificial intelligent is very worthy to be discussed at this time. The practice of the system and the mechanisms within it greatly support the great opportunities you have. In fact, any system that involves an internet connection, will always be in contact with this AI. Now, as supported by blockchain technology, everything that seems impossible, looks very realistic. One of them is the creation of an application called Dbrain. This great platform integrates multiple parties with a blockchain protocol.

The information I get from www.dbrain.io, SPOCK (Subjective Proof of Crowdwork Protocol) will align incentives for crowdworker, validator, AI developer, and data owner. This protocol will validate the quality of labels you post, with accuracy to the extent possible.
Then to ensure your personal data and confidential datasets that have been verified, they use another protocol called PICARD. During the training period the program works, they charge only to computing time, but do not allow external access during the calculation work. Data sets and model owners should make indirect agreements to their intellectual property rights, and derivative works, which in the future you will get direct payments for it.

From here it can be reading briefly, that any image / intellectual property that you create and then you post on the internet through this application, will become a valuable copyright. No need to wait how your work is appreciated by the information seekers about the data provided. All will run automatically, because the blockchain method facilitate it. All measurable and deeply guarded your personal secrets. So if anyone will use the original data you have, it is not possible to be misused for the benefit of others, without going through the blockchain protocol. Any business activity that exists in this DBrain application uses cryptocurrency. This is necessary to create a very profitable business impact to you and other members that use a Dbrain network. The name of the currency is Dbraincoin (DBR).

Such a vast market, had a positive effect on the founders and team Dbrain. They believe that this DBR coin will be in great demand by many people. Therefore, this application is very easy to understand and how to work simple. The more you download and invest in this platform, the more hope is the future. It’s the time to realize, that out there, people are in need and search for its data on the internet. Why? Because everything is available partially or completely all at once.

The Dbrain platform provides a scalable and accessible infrastructure to supercharge businesses with high quality AI, integrated via a convenient API. The following are some usability of Dbrain platform in many fields of industries in the future.

  • Image recognition

  • Video surveillance

  • Medical data processing

  • Natural language processing
  • And many more..

Regarding the DBR coin, you should have understood, that now is the right time to invest in a very profitable platform. No doubt, that our future is a data. Both personally or in a larger business scale. The ICO (initial coin offering) period is very close. If you are interested, just go to the website: www.dbrain.io The big bonus of buying coins in the early days is waiting for you. Because, if the ICO period is over, then any remaining coins that are not distributed, will automatically burnt. What are you waiting for?

Useful Links:
Website: https://dbrain.io
Whitepaper: https://whitepaper.dbrain.io
Bountyhive: https://bountyhive.io/join/Dbrain

Name: Yuni Tango
Bountyhive Username: @yunitango
Telegram: https://t.me/yunitango
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