Datareum - Take Back Your Data with Decentralized Technology

All we want to be a part of the change by spreading some data that has the potential to create more value of the world. Usually, we do not realize that there is more potential than the values we offer. Anyone involved in appreciating all the content we offer through the various channel types, will provide feedback. This is where we begin to continue what we have done. But, you need to know, that the data we have shared has become public property. You can still manage it, but, others will get the advantage first.
Craig Mundie (Senior Advisor to the CEO at Microsoft) says, "Data is becoming the new material business". This gives you a little idea that the data you have on open networks of the internet is a big business value when you manage it well. For example, your personal data. It looks trivial and simple. But for those who are keen to see the opportunity for the database as you have, it will create unlimited new revenue. Anyone who needs, then he can provide, of course the data provider will get a fee. What if you yourself should receive the right? It could happen. But you have to use a special platform to handle it.

As I read on they offer a new app called Datareum. Their mechanism or way of working is very simple but very useful. Before them, searchers or data seekers, they must register and must be verified in the Datareum app. So do you, as a provider of data. After the verification process is complete, they must use a token named DTN. This token use as a of payment for a transaction of required data. Then there should be a special data market concerning this. Do not worry, Datareum platform already anticipates this well. In fact, with a decentralized marketplace, it has great value for money, where it is not centralized and controlled by only one institution. This happen because these platform runs on blockchain technology.

The security factor is also a major concern in this platform. You need to know, more than 143 million personal data onto people leaked and misused by the attackers. This happens because the information system is still centralized, so if a hacker wants the data, he lived breaking the central server, then it's done. Unlike on the blockchain technology, because it is decentralized, the hacker will think twice if they want to do data theft. Because he has to pass through a millions of active computers or networks that will verify of IDs first before being approved by members of the platform community.

Road Map
From the information contained in the image that I include, it appears that Datareum has made a concrete step from the big idea it has. In this road map is clearly exposed, what is the main purpose of this platform is made. Since starting in Q4 they have refined the smart contracts payment and data exchange service, until in Q3 2020, they will launch this platform in Asian market.


 Jorge Perez and Maximiliano Garcia know very well how to direct a big team. A classmate Jorge Perez's CEO gives you the assurance that the team he has will give the best effort at their disposal. All of them will try and try to give birth to opportunities that you can enjoy. Not a small effort by Datareum team members. They will be very enthusiastic to see the applications they make can be useful for us.

DTN Token and ICO

Datareum token Pre-sale starts at April 28, 2018 12PM UTC. The use of proceed and the token distribution are explained below;

Token Details

Token: DTN
Price: 1 DTN = 0.03 USD
Bonus: Available 
Bounty: Available
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Minimum investment: 1 ETH
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 18,000,000 USD
Country: UK
Whitelist/KYC: KYC & Whitelist
Restricted areas: USA

Since both ICO Rated and Track ICO give Datareum a good mark which is more than 4 points over 5, I can conclude that this project is very promising and worth a try to join.

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