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Are you a category of frequent flyer or several times in half a year traveling by plane? Then, how many times have you experienced? Or in your traveling by plane often experience flight delay? The first and second questions are closely related. Recently, there are lots of destinations can be reached by airlines as a result of the growing income of urban communities. The increasing number of airlines makes the competition tighter and the airplane fares become cheaper.

Somehow, flight delay is inevitable due to variables of reasons such as bad weather. In addition, passengers often have to transit and wait long at the airport because of the difference between the old flight schedule. It is very tiring when having to sit for hours waiting for the flight. The following, I'm telling you a solution how to deal with this problem. Okay, now we're talking about a new platform that you'll be very interested. If I write an ‘Airpod’ like a piece on the title above, what's on your mind? Airport? Or a new gadget from Apple? Or haven’t thought of any form?

Until now, this fantastic figure shows you that there is a great opportunity which is unseen by most of the people. Almost all airports in Europe, if accumulated for one year, recorded nearly 988 million passengers. Complete with various interests in their journey. And even more astounding is about 6 billion people in the world traveling by plane every year. Can you imagine, how much money around the world moves every second!

 So, with a very accurate, then comes a This is a new application for you and anyone who travels frequently by planes. Airpod provides a cabin-like resting place, in which there are several facilities such as wifi connection, a comfortable rest chairs, a computer that has whatever features you want during the waiting period of delay. Of course this is an exciting breakthrough. While still waiting for the delayed schedule specified by an airline operator, of course, you can stay at a hotel not far from the airport. That's if your flight delay is more than six hours. If only 2 to 3 hours, how? This is the benefit of Airpod. You can still work with existing facilities. At the same time can rest in this private place. The plan, according to info I get from their site, will aka a minimum of 400 sets Airpod installed evenly in all airports in Europe. It sounds good, right?

This gives to a new business for you and anyone. The highly compatible world of information technology provides new inventions. One of them with blockchain technology. This technology is able to connect anyone to be actively involved in the Airpod application business. One is speed, low cost, very transparent, easy application for any business, creating active and passive income at the same time, and anti-centralized. This is an application of technology that is managed by many people with a very great. Soon, the speed of growth can even exceed the internet itself. 

In short, Airpod is a solution for the problem that the major pain of all travelers is stressful waiting for connection flights with few or no private places to relax, nap or work. It is an innovative, cutting-edge sleeping pod capsule unlike any other product currently available on the Global market.

Airpod Token (APOD)

APOD Token is vital to fuel for AirPod renting services and AirPod platform services.
  • Token Symbol: APOD
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price 1 APOD = 0.10 USD
  • Soft Cap: $2.700.000
  • Hard Cap: $20.000.000
  • Total supply: 250.000.000 APOD
  • APOD Distributed in the Crowdsale: 200.000.000 APOD (80%)
APOD Roadmap

The Team

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