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“With an infinite something, we create a separate distance, regardless of whether it is affordable or not” (Anonymous)
This phrase has actually been heard for a long time. And when I began to understand it, I began to associate with many things. One is the size I created myself, to translate my doubts, do I need anything in my grasp? Do I have to be allied with an institution? Should I entrust my business to others?

Until a few days ago, I was visited by my students. She’s an apprentice at a well-known financial firm in my town. She takes her studies in two majors at once, Finance and Information Technology. Two things that maybe contradictory. Maybe not. With her enthusiasm, she explained in detail and traced the terms that made me evaporate often when I heard it.
European Crypto Bank (ECB)

European Crypto Bank (ECB) is culmination of 10 years of work and knowledge of financial markets, of financial analysis and researches. The main problem faced by investors is the difficulty of converting their portfolio into traditional assets. While facing a bank system that really appears hostiles unfriendly, towards the Crypto Eco-Sphere. ECB is determined in responding to this massive properly. With ECB, anyone in the world should be proud to have made some money on a Crypto Exchange.
They believe that they have a place in the Crypto World with a revolutionary offer, such a Crypto Private Bank with all services that are supposed to be provided by a traditional private bank. In case the successful raise token, their Research Laboratory will be located in Paris and The Tax Assistance Departement will be located in Milan, whilst The Trading Platform and Exchange will take place in London. The main operating center will be located in London, as well. European Cryptobank Limited, Forgues Gestion France, and Woospeak Italia will be merged in one pan-European Company, only.
Cryptocurrency is currently very popular by open societies. It’s already such a massive it is owned by many peoples. Call it some very famous names like a Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many others. It is deployed with many methods, one of them using a blockchain technology. In European Crypto Bank, you are encouraged to make transactions through an investment, trading, and exchange for some of the currencies that I’ve mentioned earlier.
European Crypto Bank is founded in the UK and has its main office in the UK too. To be precise, you can trace it on The main strength of this company is, because of his experiences in terms of investment, trading, an also analyzes robotic advisors so close to humanized thought. They’re not only serve around the cryptocurrencies, but also fiat money that goes into a big market caps like a US Dollar, Euro, Yen, Poundsterling, and etc
European Crypto Bank Services
At first glance I mention here. It’s their several services: Robot Advisors, Tax Reporting, Asset & Wealth Management, Tax Juridical Assistance (lawyers), ECB Token, and etc.

The Talented Experts Behind ECB
You are familiar enough with them below, right? One of the Masters in Investment and Exchange are Olivier Forgues. Yes, you’re right. He is the man behind the Forgues Gestion France. And he is supported by a few persons who are very concern and professional in business developments, as well as the platform that they were created. And of course, it can’t be separated from one of the popular names, he is Mikael Misard. At the European Crypto Bank, he becomes to be a Head of European Development. As well as Cyprian Kowalczyk, he is the Chief Technical Officer of Blockchain Specialist. No doubt, is it?
Advisor Tool
Can you imagine all advisors are responding properly to all customers in the same time? In a wild dumping market, still feeling relaxed and fully respecting the human emotions? COBALT can do it. Cobalt can help you to clarify any doubt, from the historical bank of all customers. Multiple ways to communicate and share among customers and increasing (text, mobile, phone, email) Cobalt is the best tool to protect either you or ECB’s.
Cobalt can double-check on the internet who their new customer is, before opening an account, by web surveillance. E-reputation Checking will protect ECB’s reputation, as well. Cobalt can learn on its own, by reading or listening to their customers. So, it becomes the perfect advisor regarding the customer’s attitude, or behavior. Are they fine, angry, stressed or happy? Cobalt will adapt customer behavior by analyzing their attitude. Isn’t looks like a personal assistant? Yes, indeed.

European Crypto Bank will calculate for all customers’ incomes and benefits during their tax year. It’s available for France, Italy and UK for several times in the first step, and extended to all others countries in Europe, in the next step. They will be The First European platform to provide tax reporting and tax services. In the meanings of ECB tax reporting are: To declare your incomes and profits to domestic your government tax. What a wonderful platform!
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