SKYCHAIN; Bridging Artificial Intelligent and Healthcare Industry

You know what? The third leading cause of death is occupied by medical errors. It is quite shocking me since the medical care that should be expected to help the patients becomes disastrous sources. So ironic. This is mostly due to misdiagnosis from the medical personnel when observing the real disease suffered by patients. For example, when doctors analyze X-ray lung images, they fail to diagnose early lung cancer in 69 percent of cases. Worse again, there are many such healthcare cases actually.

In consideration of this serious health care issue, we need a breakthrough to fix the problems. Artificial Intelligence (AI) would be the answer. According to HealthCare IT News, there are 12 healthcare issues that will define 2018. Artificial intelligence, IoT, cybersecurity, disaster preparedness and the patient experience are some of the prime concerns, according to the PwC Health Research Institute. The first issue is; AI will be the new co-worker for medical personnel. With the help from Artificial Intelligence based on artificial neural networks, we can dramatically reduce the number of medical diagnostics errors.

Problem solved? Not yet. Investment comes as the next matter to note. Yes, developing AI integrating with healthcare ask for huge amount of investment. It needs big money involved due to the high cost of equipment suitable for effective machine learning, and the complexity of the design and training tools. Skychain try to solve this problem.
With the help of the distributed computing resources of Skychain members, Skychain will provide a convenient tool for neural networks development and the possibility of their inexpensive and fast learning . Moreover, the data centers of any large corporations will be exceeded by the total computing power of Skychain. The picture below explains how Skychain bridging blockchain technology, AI and datamarket & AI marketplace. It makes all easier, more affordable and more transparent.

With Skychain, any researcher can build his own artificial neural network using SkyConstrucor builder tools. Also, they can pay for renting the required computing resources with Skychain Global Coins and train his neural network.
In the next three years, three-quarters of healthcare executives plan to invest in AI. Its a good news. Then, why don’t get involved in Skychain project?
The Skychain is based on five core ideas:
1. Blockchain
2. Artificial neural networks
3. IT in medicine
4. Sharing economy
5. Cryptography
The Skychain core team have deep knowledge and experience in all of these five fields. They also have many expert advisers in various fields from business, IT, science, medicine to healthcare.
In addition, Skychain collaborates with the biggest players in the field of artificial intelligence development; Microsoft and Amazon. Certainly, those two companies will not work with any company. They will make a deep analysis and consider carefully before making agreements of partnership. They just choose a company with a bright future and fortunately they has chosen Skychain. Beside Microsoft and Amazon, Skychain also co-working with these companies.
It assures that there is no hesitation to join Skychain ecosystem for a better healthcare future. Will you?
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