SKRAPS, the Future Diamond

People tend to shout joyfully when they find a 30 carats diamond on the road. They will scream as if they just won a lottery jackpot. And it is true, I will do the same. Because it is truly a miracle, find small sparkling objects, whose price could be more than US $ 1 million.
But, don’t you ask yourself? Is it true that you found a real gemstone? Or synthetic stones made by large-scale manufactured factories? This is the challenge. Because of the momentary amazement, and at first we have immediately imagined to going on vacation to the island of the Bahamas. Or travelling around Asia full years? Maybe to buy some fancy cars that you’ve imagined before.
That’s what often comes to mind. But we will really realize that dream. And we’ve both found a diamond, not on the street, but in a virtual world. Do I dream? Am I overreacting? Really, I’m telling the truth. While we keep doing our daily activities, you can still print new diamond.
What you find here is really a future diamond. You can grasp it real. Not a stone, but a digit numbers that will make you stunned! There is even a card that signifies you and I’m the one that who has the ‘diamond’ legally. The card’s name is The Skraps Debit Card. You can use this card in any dispenser atm in the world. You can of course take fiat money in cash, or make transactions with currency cryptocurrency. Its easy, isn’t it?
How does a diamond named SKRAPS work? It is a computing investment system that runs on blockchain power. So, we just need to spend a little money, not too much, to buy tokens that have been provided by this Skraps platform. The investment that we spend then will take the form of digital currency, namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency. The digital money or cryptocurrency we have, later can be trade within the cryptocurrency exchange. And the result? This is great, you can enjoy it anytime. Because of the many forms of currency we can buy or sell, we just always be confident, as if we were discovering a diamond, as it was earlier.
We can share it with anyone in this Skraps network. The results of this division will benefit us as much as 20% of each transaction activity. So when the system works, we can still enjoy the division of commissions on our investment support in this platform. We can also see other user portfolios, and we can participate in them.
Just easy 3 steps: Connect your wallet then make a purchase, and invest your Skraps. Done!
The team behind this great platform are highly skilled and professional people in investment and finance. Especially those who create the architecture design of their work system. This is built on today’s practical needs, and the ease of micro-investment, coupled with internet technology and blockchain mechanisms. Thus, the security factor will certainly be their highest priority exchange.
Even you are a novice of the investment world and cryptocurrency, don’t be afraid. On this platform provided an interesting feature that will educate you. In fact, by watching the video at a glance, and will immediately find the best essence of this platform. And the goal of this education is, you become more understanding of investment business. In the future, when you find a sparkling stone, you will easily determine whether it is real diamond or synthetic glass.
And now, once you’ve found a truly diamond. What’s the fun thing you’ll do? Going on vacation? Investing? Or buy something valuable for family at home?
Name: Yuni Tango
BitcoinTalk username: Arwani112
BitcoinTalk profile link:;u=1345832
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