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How many times have you changed your life in an entire lifetime? How much money has we spent on fulfilling our needs or wishes to have them? And, do you know how much money spins since the online market enters our everyday elements of life? Really, a very large number. Among the ones I mentioned earlier, there is still a question tucked in if you are careful. How many electronic items do we often change? Take smartphone samples. Let’s not break it, if there is a little new model, we already really want to replace the old one with the latest edition. Honestly, this is an endless niche market. Then where is outdated discarded? It also has a very specific market.
I want to sharpen what I want to talk about. In the last three years, the marketplace has grown into a giant, thirsty baby. He created a passion for transacting very high. Many companies choose their trading bases in Hong Kong, and some big cities in Asia. This is because, demographically, Asian people face a very high rate of economic growth, above 13% every year. Plus, the character of Asian society is greatly influenced to keep up with the information and lifestyle that is very high. May you mention, what brands do not achieve the highest sales in Asia? Almost nothing.
In niche smartphone market, there are hundreds of dominant brands of the market. Samsung is one of the top. Following the flow of sales from the online marketplace, comes a platform with blockchain technology. Of course you already know how this blockchain works. You do not have to bother connecting to a centralized network. Live you promote your product, the whole world will connect with what you offer. One of them is This great platform offers something different. And once again, with a major head office in Hong Kong, the founders of this company want to get them closer to the market in Asia. And of course, to the whole world too.
Galaxy eSolutions predict that the preowned and refurbished consumer electronics market will continue to grow due to a variety of factors, including: Insatiable demand from developing countries. Growing needs for a consumer to have a second phone, one for business, and another for work. Shorter life cycles of consumer electronics and the continuous upgrading. Growing awareness of the need for environmental sustainability.
Indeed, this platform is a marketplace that sells the latest electronic products. Smartphones, Drones, and some other electronic products. Opportunity for those who want to take advantage of blockchain based online market. One solution to ensure the right products of the right markets is to obtain the phone IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) from the sellers, of which every phone has one or two, if it is a dual SIM version. This unique IMEI number of every phone will reveal information such as the model number, the region and hence the version and the related network bandwidth. Their team will design an API calls to an online database service provider and put the information about the IMEI collection as well as the tracking of it on blockchain.
Since providing the IMEI numbers would mean that the supplier is likely to have the goods with them. The IMEI numbers can also be used to ensure that the goods are not stolen goods. As such, putting such critical information on blockchain would certainly help to stop scams as well as improving trading experience. An API with IMEI database companies could facilitate the checks even faster which is in the plan. Cross-border transaction fees will be greatly reduced by choosing to transact using cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH or even using GES tokens. Time will also be saved and transactions could happen within hours, rather than days. Both of these are extremely important to the phone trading industry since it is a low margin, high turnover business where quick turnaround is always critical in business performance.
They have a strong network of cooperation with some very famous institutions in the world. Among some of it is a CNS. (CNS Wireless Wholesale) is a government authorized refurbishment factory for Apple and Samsung products in the Shenzhen bonded zone. Besides CNS, there has a Dafzo. Dafzo is a decentralised P2P logistics platform which will help develop the massive India market as well as the Galaxy eSolutions decentralized logistics platform. Then, there’s a Milkyway Distribution. It is a cross-border electronics eCommerce specialist with a wide network including Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand. Origin Protocol. In the sharing economy without intermediaries, “Origin” develops protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS, and will assist in building the Galaxy eSolutions marketplace and ecosystem.
They have leaders and one of the company’s great founders. Her name isYuen Wong. Yuen Wong has a strong e-commerce sense and entrepreneurial initiative that gives him the ability to make the business operate in the global consumer markets. Expertise: Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Ecommerce specialist. Plus the support from highly experienced department leaders in their respective fields. As well as the advisors, who in other parts, they also become department department in a search engine famous by Sergey Brin, that is Google.
Then, what makes these platform so special?
Obviously, Galaxy eSolutions aren’t the only company operating in the refurbished electronics space. There are a number of similar companies doing the same thing, but Galaxy eSolutions separates itself from the pack in several key areas. Galaxy eSolutions use its own branding to build consistent consumer expectations across products. This will encourage repeat buying as customers recognize that Galaxy eSolutions are a trusted refurbishment provider. They own a refurbishment factory, and they process all retail transactions themselves. This means they control the price and quality. Not only that, but Galaxy eSolutions guarantees the best price. Galaxy eSolutions promise to get consumer electronics to the market more quickly than its competitors. Galaxy eSolutions don’t need to wait for suppliers or third party refurbishment companies. Galaxy eSolutions have a 13-month warranty on all consumer electronics sold through their refurbishment program, a warranty unmatched for professionally refurbished electronics.

Don’t forget, to be able to partition and support their technology, you must buy their tokens which called a GES tokens. This is the best time to buy it. Because of the enormous amount of bonus purchases, it is also because their ICO (Initial Coin Offering) period will be near the end of March 31, 2018. Token users receive a 5% token-back reward for purchases on the end of every month. With a maximum supply: 300M with unsold tokens burnt.
The current GES token price is: 1ETH = 10,000 GES Tokens (0.0001 ETH/token). You can buy it for a minimum of 0.1 ETH. Don’t worry, they offer you a market buyback several 20% quarterly profit used on quarterly buyback with 50% get burned. And a protection for your GES tokens. Where the price in the token market exceeds the price set at the initial sale, Galaxy eSolution will buy back the token you bought earlier. Details of bonus token schemes you buy, you can learn more details of:
In addition, good reviews and ratings below are more convincing us that this project is really reliable and promising;
What are you waiting for? Because we’re living in electronics galaxy.
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