LELE; Valuing Your Data

As an Indoensian, I’m proud there are more cryptocurrencies created by Indonesian developers and LELE Coin is the new one. LELE in Bahasa Indonesia means catfish. As a traditional dish, you can easily find lele menus in many cities in Indonesia. This street-food is so popular due to its yummy taste and affordable. I don’t know why they named it LELE. Is there any relation between this coin and that kind of fish? Maybe. Actually, LELE is an acronym stands for Lite Eco Ledger Elements. What is that? I’ll explain it furthermore.

How important and valuable the data is? Then how to monetize the data? Is it legal?
 A ledger is service job that produce data. Bitcoin is perfect example of it. The data being transacted in Ledger is changed into value where the users are satisfied with the security of level. Maybe you don’t know about term of Public Distributed Ledger but I believe your’re quite familiar with Blockchain. They are actually the same. It is consensus of digital data that is replicated, shared, synchronized and dispersed across various sites, countries and institutions
LELE (Lite Eco Ledger Elements) is a blockchain that is able to do sertification, validation and signature digitally. It can be applied as an up-to-date recording and archiving technology especially for important and sensitive notes. Hopefully, this affordable technology adoption will inspires young generations to create new innovations for the benefit and good of society.
By these very short brief explanation, we can conclude that the data is so valuable and worth for money.


Lelecoin created by using combination of SHA256 and Curve 22519 which created with own blockchain. Lelecoin created with POS system, really sure that the coin will develop quickly with the help of facility of ARDOR platform. This platform will take you into the world of cryptocurrency with its blockchain technology. And finally LELE Coin became one of your best alternative to produce the coffers of wealth. How does this platform work?
Although more precisely called crowdsale than ICO, but not wrong as well. Because the way blockchain works in ICO status are full support from all members of the community, then trust is formed. Given the trust in the community, the demand of the coin itself will certainly increase. From here formed value that will become the strength of LELE coin. Details of this LELE Coin can be found at www.e-chain.id

Why your trust and role is needed on this LELE coin ICO. Obviously, because without your participation and support, this platform will not work as it should. If it refers to the working principle of blockchain applied since 2009 that one of them works with Bitcoin, then I’ll mention an example of how blockchain benefits you.
If there is someone buying an apartment, then it does not require lawyers to register their transactions. If an agreement has occurred, then the transaction will be recorded in the blockchain and read by the entire set of members / nodes on their network. So if there is one party that will change the record, certainly can not, because it will require a lot of effort to make massive data changes and mass.
Similarly, if applied to the academic world, then once the value of digital report cards recorded, then forever the value will not change. Although there is a discourse there will be cyber attacks from hackers who work behind the scenes, would require skill and great power to disrupt the course of the blockchain system. Because, you know, this should change the entire network of the unknown number of blockchains.
There are many variants of the application of this platform technology to our daily lives. The more application of the application, the more open the opportunity for public participation in it. Automatically, more and more data lines are arranged in the blockchain rails. The greater your income because of your role and participation.
In the world coin market, a value of coin refers to the magnitude of demand on the coin. The good of a platform, will have a direct impact on the amount of public desire to have the coin. If the coin exchange rate is high in the market, who else enjoys the results except you?
Below are the talented experts behind https://e-chain.id/. With years of experiences, they are so dedicated to this project.

LELE Project Started
Basic groundwork and launch announcement of LELE.
Finishing LELE Token Project
By forking NXT, LELE was born as token
Pre-ICO Sale
Coin sale for IACTC (Indonesian Alt Coin Trader Community)
ICO Sale
Launching first LELE ICO.
Central Bank Meetup
Meetup with Fintech Director of Indonesian Central Bank
Educational Project
Start our education project for cryptocurrency lover’s
Mobile Wallet
Lauching Mobile Wallet (Android Wallet)
Digital Signature
Continue Develop First Digital Signature.
Fork Ardor
February 28th 2018 Forking Ardor as based of LELE and snapshot of IGNIS holders.
LELE Airdrops
Snapshoot at February 28th of IGNIS holders, distibution Airdrop March 1st to 10th, 10 IGNIS get 1 LELE.
Global Markets
Launch of the LELE Global Market Exchange
Presentation of LELE to city corporations.
Start Develop IE
Start Develop LELE internal exchanger on April.
Lightweight Nodes
Launching lightweight nodes based on ARM devices such as Raspberry Pi.
Student Achievement Gift
Distributing gifts for students based on their achievement.

Name: Yuni Tango
BitcoinTalk username: Arwani112
BitcoinTalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1345832
Telegram: https://t.me/yunitango

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