How to Build a New Mobility Power — Dovu Review

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Centralized is troublesome. Today’s culture is the independent ways of thinking and moving. The all aspects of life which centralized at one point too much wasting energy, rigid and very saturated. Including of all bureaucracy, the forces that influence the decisions, direction of a politics, as well as the social impact it generates
Recently, as a media, the new mobility is a big puzzle. People and companies wonder, what is this really? Is there something desired from these active people who can’t be fullfill by such a massive transportation companies? How will it form? How the media inside was built? And, if so, how long the new form will take time? Never ending question.
Today, people earn money from their new mobility. Anyone can provide an interesting data and information, surely, with the appreciation of the information by service provider company, in the field of transportation. Not even longer monopolized by the owner of centralized media technology, as well as a large capital owners who control a transportation politics.
Internet and vision the sharing of the future has straddled the changes. Meanwhile, some people think that internet is the source of disharmony. If you think globally, internet precisely is the source of unity. Internet tears down the gate of business. Currently, mobility is a very expensive. But, with a little money ad ingenuity, you have an opportunity to get start of business with the internet, which at launch, distributed to the world.
Finally, a new media (decentralized system) will help \ people to leave our city of density, leaving behind some of our seemingly in soluble problems and travelling with some sophisticated devices on their networks. Or else, start doing business which nit tied with their places. The freedom from some places is not just dispersed from industry, but willing the initial of solutions to disseminate a false populations.
The only things that never change on the technology and communication industry is, the facts the technology and industry is growing continuous. Even technology on communication industry, both are reality of technologies, and social reality at once, which consistently resides in a ‘never ending process of becoming’. Parallel with the media and technology industries, the new power now has come with all completeness of what they offers.
Dovu Knows How to Do

The transport sector knows where it wants to go with the real time data and smart technology but doesn’t know how to get there. DOVU is the circular economy for the transport and mobility sector by creating an unprecedented value exchange between regular consumers and those who take benefit from their data.
DOVU.IO is a shaping the crypto model for the mobility ecosystem. Introducing a transport focused protocol accelerate the development of mobility related decentralized applications, the DOV Token powers new business models in the transportation sector. In essence, this mean that important well of value is left untapped, needlessly slowing down the process of innovations.

The DOVU Protocol empowers ‘data owners’ (individual, organizations, IoT devices-any data) to control access to the data shared, whilst recieving value of the use of that data and return in the form of DOV Tokens. These tokens then feed back into the ecosystem through mobility related transactions are that offsetting the cost of car, fuel for that car, paying for a flight and etc.
This company, DOVU, such us Uber or AirBnB are often cited as examples of the sharing economy, but it could be argued that they are not exactly, because they are centralized. A true sharing economy is one in which individuals or companies are empowered by technology to share their data and recieved payment for it.
Because the blockchain can verify contributed independently, wether you are corporate or individual, the DOVU Protocol empowers everybody to be fairly rewarded for their contribution to the mobility ecosystem.
At the moment, this data is a mishmash of privately owned information, and information that we share without really thinking about it, while allowing the big corporates to profit. We need to think about taking back our data and monetising it ourselves.
Arwen Smit explains how DOVU can help do this:
“Connected cars are just one potential data source. Every mode of transport either uses or generates data, whether that’s walking, using the bus or flying. All of this data has an inherent value.”
“We provide the means to connect consumers of that data to those generating it — while also making sure everyone is rewarded or charged accordingly in a trustless and validated environment. For consumers that could be as simple as paying for a ride with DOV — or for public transport operators a new revenue stream could be sharing their data with a company like Google and getting paid fairly for it. Imagine the value, for example, to shops who could track footfall and traffic at a really localised level.”
Imagine being rewarded for all data you create and share. Imagine being able to use those rewards for travel, services, and transport globally. Imagine this data being used for further improve mobility services, working towards fluid movement of goods and people in our cities. Applying this technology will transform our thinking about data and mobility. The DOVU Ledger allows you to be rewarded for the data you share.
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