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You certainly understand the term of a 'Tips'. In many places or whether on business or in travel activities, tipping to becomes a kind of substitute for 'thank you'. And this lasts hundreds of years. Since the time of the kingdom era, to this day, this tips are still relevant to occur and discussed. In fact, in many cafes, provided a special place were called a Tip Box. But do not be surprised, in government agencies, you will also be faced with a hard ban giving tips. No Tipping Fee, often seen in many government departments who serving civilians. There's so useful. One is to reduce cheating and abuse of authority. Because now, almost all countries embrace the ideals of transparency and graceful service.

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Regardless of their social status, these tips have their own places. When we receive a ministry in any place, which tends to be very helpful for us, it is strange to think that we do not tip. This also happens to the digital age today. I'm sure you have an account on any social media platform. Call it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, even Personal blog. How does it feel to have lots of fans or followers? And for us, to be honest, if every activity we post on one of those channels and get thousands and even millions of giving 'Likes", we would be very happy. In modern ways, there are many channels that can be monetized / make money from the trail of 'Likes' that they left  behind.
It makes money. Millions of Dollars will be! The world of social media is controlled entirely by the user. They create their content, share it to all over the world, and interact with it. The steps of monetization they travel, because content creators know, that the more who like, and become viral (virtual reality), then the first to come offering money are an advertising agency. You don't believe it? Please go to On their website exposed clearly, how this 'content' mechanism can be money from just marked 'Likes, Share, Comment / Subscribe'. Tipper Economy opens new loopholes by offering an amazing platform. You are only a passive actor, in this case the Likes / Share / Comment, will get a tip of what you give. Through decades of shrewd analytical capability, the precise strategy they have gained from the old research results, then a new mechanism is born. By the subject as a creator, the follower who supports his popularity, until even just dividing it in vain, will earn concrete a value (money), were called a Tips.

How does this system work so detailed?

Tipper is a revolutionary decentralized, social media platform established on tipping, a paradigm shift of the game that brings unlimited monetization to all users, and praises the end of fraud, demonization, and censorship. For the first time, tipping is now being given incentives through four revolutionary monetization features (pillars) of two-way Tipping, Content Investment, Branded Moments and Tip. Tipper not only generates earnings on any post given the norm, but now there's no limit to what you can get in that post, opens a monetization opportunity box that has never existed on Pandora, and gives new meaning to all viruses. Tipper is a premier "ecosystem" of protection that pays two ways and thus provides 'tipping' as an incentives. The more users stimulate the social economy by tipping other users, the more chances they get. Tipper Blockchain performs on 250K + micro / s transactions, bringing decentralized video-decentralized worlds on Facebook and YouTube scales, through Tipper's revolutionary technology leap from transaction mining.

I took for example to this platform work. In Branded Tip Token Model, which only advertisers can create content and tip on the platform. And payloads containing these tokens can be accessed via their digital messages and will be visible to the user's inbox. All advertising revenues brought into the Tipper Social Economy are collected into the platform collective tip jar (repository), and are converted to branded tips (branded smart tokens). Hence, 50% of the branded tips will be reserved for tip redistribution by users to other users, while advertisers will decide which users to send the other 50% of the branded tokens.

Then, it's time to create for greater opportunities in a blockchain, which based on Internet civilization, where social media becomes a big object that will give birth to socio-economic projects. On another occasion, I will write down the details mechanism of mining on their blockchain platform. All you need to understand now is, immediately visit their website: Get a great chance by joining in their platform. You know, the more late you realize this opportunity, the less economic opportunity you have for your investment of this Tipper. And, you are very likely to change Tips to be worth of million dollars. What are you waiting for?
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